About A.C. Entis-IP

A.C. Entis-IP Ltd provides its clientele a comprehensive menu of intellectual property (IP) products and services developed and honed from years of experience and innovation in generating and protecting IP properties and patent rights.

Our diverse clientele includes cutting edge startups and globally recognized international high tech companies.
We represent clients from academic and government institutions, start-ups, incubators, laboratories, as well as local and global enterprises.
Our services encompass all aspect of filing, prosecuting and protecting patents and trademarks worldwide including design, patent drafting, trademarks, IP strategy & analysis and litigation.

In every filing, our professionals provide sound and integrated legal advice, and we draft all prosecution documents. We work closely with clients to formulate strategy, and we draft responses in-house for patent offices in each relevant country.
In particular, we file directly in the US without using third parties. We also file and prosecute directly with the US and Israeli patent offices.
This hands-on, direct approach facilitates a higher level of service while achieving meaningful cost savings for clients.

A.C. Entis has prosecuted hundreds of patent applications, and we have over 200 successfully-granted patents. Many validity, infringement and “due diligence”  studies have been carefully prepared for venture capitalists in Israel, the Far East and US and successful presentations of IP assets and analysis for investment that have resulted in major investments in startups.